Thursday, November 24, 2005

So do you remember that dry, ugly looking patch of bare earth that was here before? If you don't scroll down and have a look...

But look at it now!

Bit of a change don't you think?

Well I promised you some pics of the new plants and the progress that has taken place so far... so here it is!

Baby Watermelon! These are supposed to grow baby watermelon that are orange on the inside. I have never grown watermelon before and I am more than alittle worried about the humidity here in summer, but hey, it's my garden and I will grow watermelon of I want to! They are only suppsed to grow to 1 meter as well... which will be good for my restricted space :)

Baby Thai Egplant. This little cutie is supposed to grow little pale purple eggplant balls

This is one of the lettuce's I planted in the begining, sure are growing well know!

This is the 'baby tomato' that I showed you a photograph of before, she is still the smallest of the 4 but she sure has grown! You can also see the greek basil I have interdispersed between my plants

This is my first tomato flower! Since they are cherry tomatoes I shouldn't have to wait to long for my first tomatos!

This is a baby zucchini, it is an unusual striped Italian variety that is suppsed to have lots of flowers. The seeds come from Frateli Fresh, my fav grocery store.

Baby Cucumber, this is another Italian variety from Frateli Fresh. It is supposed to be good for eating, pickling and be a really long fruiter as well!

This is a flower from my apple cucumber, which is completly covered in flowers BTW.

This is the most exciting progress though, a baby cucumber!!! Hopefully it wont be too long til I get to enjoy this little one.... mmmmm apple cucumber and butter sandwhiches ;)

Since, you guys all know my love of flowers I had to include this psychadelic little beauty. It is a lobelia flower from some lobelias my Oma gave to me :)

I hoped you enjoyed the progress my little garden is making..... I will keep you informed.

P.S. Perhaps I should say that I am trying to grow my garden as orgaincally as possible, the only fertilizer I have used (which was very badly needed) was cow manure, mushroom compost, poulrty manure and fish emulsion. Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So, when I came back from hosptial I was alittle scared about my garden. After all it had been left all to its self for well over a week. But, I shouldn't have worried. It had grown so much! The cucumber even had a tiny baby cumber and is covered in flowers!

To my suprise this was flowering too! I don't know the scientific name but we call them Christmas Bells (as they flower around Christmas) and I beleive them to be a type of Peruvian Lily.

This flower is much easier to pick. Can you guess?

Yep, you right it is the flowers from a rocket!
Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow and I will be able to show you the shocking progress the rest of the garden has made! AND all the new plants it has in it ;)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Here is the Whistling guardian, a gift from my Oma. If anyone attempts to enter the garden paradise he wolf whistles at them. Yes it is silly, but I think it will scare the bejeezers out of them LOL

The lettuces, cucumbers and beetrots are all growing really well!. Can you see the baby greek basil plants? I have intersperesed them through the guarden!

I am sooo excite about the parcel that Amy is sending me, it will have something for the garden :) I am going to die of anticipation!

In My last post do you remember how I said I wanted a bay tree? Well, look what Casey's mum brought for me!
It is a beauty. She only bought a baby one, but repotted it for me and it has already started to grow, look at all thos new sprouts! I think I will wait awhile before I start to harvest leaves from it, as it will last me my lifetime if I look after it.